Devi Hope – Hussy Butt Stuff Champ

By Jeff Alexander

Hussy Butt Stuff winner Devi Hope continues embracing the positive power of modeling. Hailing from a small town in Indiana, Hope’s ambition is already allowing her to transcend the limitations any small town can impose on those that dare to dream.

“I’ve been working to open myself up to endless possibilities. Modeling and even attending sex clubs with my partner has allowed me to push myself out of my comfort zone. I have worked all my life as a young, single parent and saw myself as a people pleaser. Now? I have the support to push boundaries and be myself and as long as my children are happy first, I’m going to seize every opportunity,” stated Hope.

Hope doesn’t naively believe that modeling is simply arriving for a shoot and posing before a camera, yet she embraces the seemingly smaller things that perhaps more established models can overlook.

“I view it simply as how it makes me feel positive about myself. I work on myself with Crossfit and take the time to take care of myself and putting the effort in; I love to see the result. I come from a previous bad marriage and I love where I am now. When I post photos online, I hope they can be inspiring to people that experienced the same thing and hope they show that you can move on and not have a previous bad experience define you moving forward,” said Hope.

Asked when she was first attracted to the idea of modeling, Hope laughed and quickly stated she was a huge follower of America’s Top Model. She didn’t view the challenges as detriments but as more of a guide toward inspiration.

“I loved that show because it highlighted all the work so many women put into it. I think there can be some negativity with certain modeling, like forcing people to believe they have to strive to attain some narrow idea of what a model should look like. Entering the Hussy contest, I felt a lot of people were supportive and even though there is competition, there has been positive feedback from each other and that’s awesome.”

After a visit to the famous Sun Aura Nudist Colony, Hope was proud to witness the pride and positive feelings individuals displayed while being comfortable in their own skin. This has certainly helped elevate her approach to modeling.

“It was awesome seeing people be themselves with no judgment and I feel the same with modeling. There’s been a shift from the archetypical, skinny idealized image of what people kept saying a model should be. We now keep seeing plus-size models and different, physical sizes and I think it’s great!”

Hope is currently working on a new shoot she feels will “push some boundaries and take me out of my comfort zone.”

With the support of her new partner and growing ambition, Devi Hope is a name to watch for in the near future.

Photos by Sarah Harris, owner of Ray of Light Photography LLC

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