Get to Know Madisio

The beautiful model, Madisio, hailing from Melbourne, Australia, describes herself as a fun-loving woman who knows what she wants and gets what she wants. She also doesn’t mind a Jack Daniels or two either! Hussy Magazine recently sat down with Madisio (and by that we mean we emailed back and forth) to chat about modeling. Enjoy the Q&A!

When did you start modeling and how has it treated you? Is modeling your main gig? 

I officially started modeling at the age of 21. I was extremely lucky to have this wedding-themed photoshoot published. What a way to enter modeling right!? Modeling isn’t actually my main gig, I work at a nightclub on weekends and during the week I am a support worker in the community sector. And when I have time, I also work on my business I am aiming to launch by the start of the next year. A little hustler I am.

Are you in the motorcycle scene as a rider or was the set that you sent over a cool backdrop for sexy modeling?

I wouldn’t say I am a rider, however, growing up in the country I have had lots of fun on dirt bikes. I’m a car girl by heart but have so much appreciation for bikes from the classics right through to custom choppers. I absolutely love Simon’s Harley and thought it would be a sick opportunity to expand my modeling.

I notice your Instagram has a lot of photos of you in and around water. Were you a mermaid in a past life?

Haha, I love this question. I joke about being a mermaid to my friends as I’m the first to be in the water and the last to leave. So yeah, I feel being a mermaid in my past life is very suitable.

What are some of your favorite modeling themes?

Beach shoots are by far my favorite themed photoshoots. I just feel so in my element. Defiantly a mermaid lol.

Is there any type of modeling that you won’t do?

At this stage, I won’t be doing full nude photoshoots. I admire and completely support the models who do this because, damn, there is an art to it and it is not easy.

What are some of your proudest moments as a model?

Two of my proudest moments that stick out to me are the first shoot that got published, I was not expecting this at all. And the other one was when I modeled for a clothing label. The owner had a Lambo, not only did I get to shoot in the Lamborghini, but he took me for a drive. Ugghhh, I love a fast car! Hahaha. And how could I forget this opportunity to be a part of the Hussy Army?

Talk about your normal day-to-day life. Favorite movies, favorite pastime on a non-modeling day, favorite bands, etc.

My normal day-to-day life consists of adventures, working my two jobs, going to the gym, catching up with friends, and dinner dates with my loved ones – I love hosting and having friends and family over for dinner, makes my heart happy. Also, music is my life, I’m always pumping music and just vibing. From the old school Disturbed, Deadmau5, Xavier Rud, Biggie Smalls, Slipknot, EDM, and so on. As for movies, I’m more into documentaries these days, I do love a good conspiracy theory. 


Turns-on would be emotionally mature people with an open mind and big hearts and cute dates and fast cars! Haha. I need a genuine connection for fun if you get what I’m putting down. Turn-offs: Selfishness, as I find this flows into every aspect of a person’s life, including the bedroom. BOOOOORING.

Talk about some of the great experiences working with photographers. And, on the flip side, what should an up-and-coming model look out for when working with photographers that are contacting them for gigs?

I have been so fortunate to meet so many wonderful photographers with so much energy and passion for their job, I have learned so much from these photographers. This really helps a shoot go smoothly. On the flip side, there tend to be a lot of sleazes behind a camera who label themselves as photographers and who have crossed major boundaries. To all the new upcoming models, pleeeeease research the photographers and listen to your intuition.

What are some tips you can offer to new models that you learned the hard way when starting out?

Once again, research your photographers. Ask models who they have worked with for a reference. So many models have reached out to me and us models need to stick together. Another important thing is to find a solid photographer with years of experience to build your portfolio. They naturally teach you how to pose. No photographer is ever to touch you! Bring a trusted friend if you can preferably a male as this deters the fake photographers. If you are uncomfortable at any stage, you have the right to leave. Lastly, find some photographers who do TFP (time for photos). You will learn so much and continue to build your portfolio. Good luck!

What are your modeling goals in 5 years?

I will be published in Playboy! It has been a dream of mine for many years, so I will make this happen.

Follow Madisio on Instagram: @Madisio_

Photos by: kustom_pix

Harley Davidson provided by Simon Dorey

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