Get to Know Violet Haze

Violet Haze, hailing from Southwest, Florida, is a newcomer on the modeling scene, and is already burning up the Internet with her Instagram and OnlyFans pages. Hussy Magazine sat down with Violet recently to see what makes her tick. We’ve shared that interview with you here, along with a scorching-hot Hussy Magazine photoset! Enjoy!

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Photos by: @hellbombphotography

You’re a new model, just starting in June of 2022. What has been the most difficult part as a newbie?

I think the most difficult part has been realizing I’m an actual model. I’ve always enjoyed fashion and taking photographs of myself for social media, but I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d ever be in a magazine! I’m also turning 35 next month so I guess you could say I’m a “late bloomer” by industry standards. With that being said, I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunities I’ve been presented with thus far!

On the flip side, what have been some great experiences so far?

I think becoming comfortable in my own skin has been a huge bonus of starting this new career; there’s definitely a sense of vulnerability when you’re posing in lingerie (sometimes less!) in front of a camera. Starting my modeling career has taught me how to step into my power and walk with confidence in a relatively short period of time. I’ve also met some very talented people along the way!

What made you decide to get into modeling?

To be completely honest, it’s actually a big turn-on! I’ve always had an exhibitionist streak in me and putting photographs of myself in lingerie on my social media gives me a big rush, and to have others enjoying what I bring to the table and wanting to see me posing for them is a huge plus!

You also have an OnlyFans, did you start that up in June of 2022 as well? What has that been like compared to traditional modeling?

I started my OnlyFans back in 2019 after Covid started and I need to figure out a way to make money while in quarantine. It fell through after a few months because I lost interest and didn’t have any high-quality camera equipment or lighting (or much help!). I started back up in June of 2022 when my partner offered to photograph me with professional lighting and camera equipment. It blew my mind; I had never seen myself look so hot before! I knew I had something good so I rode with it. OnlyFans is different than my modeling because my fans see more of me and I have direct interaction with them on a more intimate level. I have fun doing both because my fans are really awesome and very supportive.

What type of content can fans expect to see on your OnlyFans page?

Fans can expect high-quality photo sets of yours truly in various stages of undress. I pose fully nude for the majority of my photo sets. I do cosplay, custom content, and some very spicy videos as well!

I’m always fascinated by the crazy requests OnlyFans models get, so I’m curious to hear what some of your crazy requests have been.

Not so much a request as a fan who revealed his identity to me as a person I went to grade school with, professing his love to me. I told him I was in a relationship and he didn’t like that very much. Needless to say, he was blocked!

Now talk about some of the great fans.

I have two who come to mind; they both subscribed to me right away (I know one personally) and have been so supportive and very respectful and super loyal. I’ve also been asked to dress up as Yennefer of Vengerberg from the Witcher (another badass game). I love dressing up for my fans. Can’t get much better than that!

Turn-ons, turn-offs?

Turn-ons: Ambition and people (men and women) who live and think outside of the 9-5 box; anyone who desires more for themselves than the standard “American Dream.”

Turn-offs: People who don’t respect boundaries, people who don’t do the inner work to improve themselves or their situations.

Favorite band / Favorite movie?

I have so many bands I love but I have to say I recently went to a HEALTH/PERTURBATOR show and it absolutely blew me away!!

My favorite movie has got to be William Shakespeare’s Romeo&Juliet with Leonardo DiCaprio. Swoon! Not to mention a badass soundtrack, too!

Ok, gamer, what’s your favorite video game?

My favorite video game would have to be the Dragon Age series: I’m so captivated by the storyline and I always end up playing either an Arcane Mage or a duel-wielding Rogue. The character customization is insane as well as the tactical combat. You gotta play it!

In your bio you mentioned being sober for two years and being a Vegan for 11. You’re also a Yoga teacher. Was there some life experience that led you to get clean and sober and live a healthy lifestyle?

Getting sober was probably one of the best things I ever did; alcohol ruined a lot of opportunities for me in my late teens and early twenties. I lost a lot. Almost died a few times. I made the decision when I had had enough and wanted something more out of life. Going vegan was actually easier for me to do than quitting drinking; I always had a big love and fondness for all animals and I wanted to embody that love by taking them off my plate. I have so much compassion for animals and it just felt like the right thing to do for me. Yoga has always been a part of my life; I’ve been practicing since I was 5. I’ve practiced on and off throughout my life, but in 2021 I decided to get my Yoga Certification to take my practice to the next level. It was a big life changer for me because it made me do the inner work on myself that I had been avoiding for a long time. I’m so grateful to be teaching, it really lights me up!

How has the support been from friends, family, and loved ones for your modeling and OnlyFans career?

My friends and partner are incredibly supportive and I’m so thankful for that! My parents are very traditional, so they’re having a very hard time with it but hopefully after some time passes they’ll eventually come around. Or maybe they won’t! What matters to me is that I’m doing what I love.

For other new models just starting, what advice would you like to give?

Make sure you are very clear with your boundaries. That means with the companies you work for, the photographers you work with, and your fans. Be persistent and don’t ever be afraid to say no to things that make you feel uncomfortable. Stay true to yourself and have fun!

Where would you like to see yourself in five years?

I see myself as an internationally published model who travels all over the world with a huge online following. I’m a yoga teacher by trade, so I also see myself running my online yoga and wellness coaching business along with my modeling career. I have big dreams, I want it all!

Thanks so much for your time, Violet! We can’t wait to share with the Hussy Army what we have cooked up next with you!

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