Drive In with Country Christina

Country Christina’s got drive and also a vision. Not two words someone is likely to put together when thinking of being an adult content creator but Country Christina is about to change all of that. In the Spring of 2021, she brought the Country Christina brand to life by combining her passion for cinema and her love for the exploration of nature, to allow subscribers to see the scenes in mainstream movies that they are never allowed to. At least not with the quality and attention to detail that one would find in a mainstream movie. Erotic Cinema is really the only way to describe the content that Country Christina is putting out there. I would describe it as Quentin Tarantino meets Fifty Shades of Gray if the movie showed you what everyone wanted to see. What started as a simple concept is now an established brand that is circling the globe attracting 3 Million unique subscribers per month and climbing. This month she will release her much anticipated #50 Full Length Video followed by her #65 short. Hussy was lucky to catch up with Country Christina while she was on the shoot of her “Truck Yeah” video shoot to ask her a few questions.

First, how has the shoot been going for your new “Truck Yeah” video and was Tim Mcgraw an inspiration to you at all?  

The video is going great and I love Tim Mcgraw but definitely had more of a Luke Bryan vibe with the Toyota.  

Why did you choose to create adult content instead of just mainstream media? 

I would say I have chosen to do adult content first but will eventually look to bring my brand to mainstream media very soon. Because of my limited crew and resources, I had to start small but made it a point to not sacrifice attention to detail. I rank the environment that I am shooting in with as much importance as what I am doing or wearing. Nature is a character within my world or rather I am a character within nature’s world.

Has it been a difficult journey? 

Haha life? Or the “Truck Yeah” video?  

Life and being an adult content creator? 

Every journey is difficult when you are paving your way through a forest with a machete. That is what I compare the content creation process to. Even though every content creator is similar, there is no road map for how to create a successful brand and stay relevant every day, every hour, and every minute. Everything is constantly being reassessed and reworked. It’s a war out there. Me against the algorithm and robots. The future is here and the a.i. is real. I am lucky enough to have a solid team behind me and people that have worked in mainstream media and know how to navigate this. In the beginning, I had nothing and was like a baby seal swimming in an ocean of sharks.  

What are your influences as a filmmaker? 

Nature, the sky, good cheesecake, and vehicles that have a V6 or better.  

I meant other filmmakers? 

Giallo films, gelato…did I mention I love food, oh and Tarantino. There’s something about his movies and eye that I deeply understand and appreciate.

What does a typical shoot look like for you? How is it different from most adult content already out on the market? 

I am a planner when it comes to my shoots. I love being very hands-on and getting my hands and feet dirty. From locations to vehicles, wardrobe, and everything in between, I make or have a say in most of the decisions. When you’re looking to produce top-tier adult content, you have to set the bar extra high. I am really trying to get the term “Erotic Cinema” used more as a way to allow people to focus more on the quality of work at hand rather than the stigma.

What is your specialty? 

You will just have to check out my videos, but I recommend “Bust” as a good one to start with.

What role does music play in getting you in the zone to make content? 

The music is as important as the backdrop and what I am wearing. Music is everything when it comes to setting a tone or mood. From what is on my playlist while I’m getting ready to shoot as well as the music I use in my content. No matter how naked I get, music will always be the sexiest thing on screen.  

Strangest or wildest request you’ve ever gotten on OnlyFans? My fans are all super polite. I never get anything weird or strange but if I did I am sure it had something to do with farm animals or construction equipment.

What is it about cars? 

Music, cinema, and cars. All very sexy on their own but when combined it’s a visual orgasm. Just throw a girl and some carrots in there for effect and you have a spicy stew.  

What does the perfect first date night look like for Country Christina? 

Me in the back of a pickup truck under the stars, a pair of my panties hanging from my rearview and a six pack of Busch on ice. I am easy to please.

What are your plans after the “Truck Yeah” shoot? 

Probably have a cold one and take an ice bath.

A cold one? A beer? 

No [laughs]. An ice pack and ice bath. I am super sore from this shoot. People don’t realize how physical these shoots can be but it has nothing to do with any of the sex scenes.

What are your plans for the future? 

I am planning on continuing to take my brand to the next level and my international expansion push. I am working with several different companies to expand my reach from sex toy companies to partners for my mainstream media slate of films, movies, and product lines. My team and I have put together an impressive media deck that focuses on a new TV series about the underdogs of society and how they react when they are pushed. I am also about to release my #50 video in addition to my Halloween and Christmas specials. I guess I am going to be a little busy in 2023.

Follow Country Christina on Instagram: @thecountrychristina

Twitter: @DoesCountry

Only Fans: @CountryChristina

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