Hussy Butt Stuff Contest: Rules & Info

We’re back with a new and improved Hussy Butt Stuff Contest, where models from around the world are invited to submit a photo of their keister, derriere, juicy peach—their ass!—to see who has the hussiest butt in the land, as voted on in head-to-head online polling here at

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Please scroll down to view complete rules and information.

Entry deadline: Entry deadline has passed.

Polls open: Monday, October 31st – 9am EST

The winner will receive:

  • A full feature here on the website
  • Hussy Magazine back issue print bundle (issues 1, 2, & 3)
  • Hussy Magazine swag


1. All models must be 18 years of age or older.

2. Submit one photo of yourself showing off your butt stuff. If more than one photo is submitted, we will just pick our favorite.

3. There will be a LOT of page views here, so make your photo entry count by adding your Instagram handle or website address to your photo submission. Make sure the IG/website text is large enough to read on a photo that will be viewed on mobile devices and on the website.

4. No bare buttholes and no porn stuff. This will be promoted on Instagram and Facebook and they lose their shit over bare buttholes and porn stuff.

5. Entries must be submitted by the MODEL and not the photographer or husband.

6. Model photos will go head-to-head (butt-to-butt?) in matchups that will last for 24 hours. Winners will be determined by online voting. *Poll results will be hidden for the 24 hour duration and revealed at the end of each round matchup.

7. Be sure to indicate your model name clearly in your submission email. If you want to post anonymously, just give a fake name so it’s easier to tell who is who.

8. Man-ass entries not accepted. Sorry, fellas.

Entry deadline: Entry deadline has passed.

Polls open: Monday, October 31st – 9am EST

Hey, while you’re here, why not grab a magazine or a t-shirt and some stickers. Your support helps keep Hussy Magazine truckin’ along. 🙂

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