Crazy OnlyFans Requests


We recently asked OnlyFans models to tell us the craziest requests they received from their paid subscribers. Here are their stories…

I once had a man message me that was obsessed with my larger feet. He asked if I would make a video of myself crushing a small ant beneath my sole so he could imagine himself as the ant.

Submitted by @ink2plz

I have a guy that asks me for a photo of my used panties (inside, obviously). But really the most bizarre was a request for filming how I pee. 🙂

Submitted by @the.queen.monique

I got asked to take a video of me taking a shit. Like, they wanted to see the shit exit my body.

Submitted by @heyitsme_littlenicky

I have a faithful regular who loves personal photos and videos of my armpits. Nothing else.

Submitted by @ashleebelisle

I already do a lot of “weird” (to the average vanilla person) niche content, but I think the WEIRDEST thing anyone has ever DM’d or asked for was when some random guy asked me to describe to him in intricate detail how I would step on him and squish him if he was an insect.

Submitted by @themarinameow

I once had a guy beg me on multiple different occasions to step on crickets bare foot! He wanted video and pictures of them smooshed on the bottom of my feet.

Submitted by @prettyvulgar91

I had a request to take lollipops and gummies and stick them in my vagina and butt hole, then mail them to him. And if I added my toenail clippings, he would pay more.

Submitted anonymously

I had a guy request a personalized video of me burping Happy Birthday while I rubbed birthday cake on my tits. I declined. I’m just not that talented!

Submitted by

A gentleman asked me to order a pizza. Cheese and pepperoni. He asked me to set my phone up so that you only see my feet. He then asked me to refer to the camera as “little man,” pretending it was him. But the point of view is this gentleman is living in my shoe. He then requested that I squish the pizza toppings in between my toes, and step on the pizza as if I am stomping on him while repeating, “Do you like that, little man?” I felt like Godzilla destroying a city. He paid for the pizza. He paid $500 to watch me town-stomp a Hot-N-Ready. I don’t ever do explicit content on OnlyFans, but I am proof, with the right amount of weird mixed with a dash of abnormal fetish, you too can be successful!

Submitted by @nix_coffin_x

I got a request once from a person who opened up by offering me $500 for this custom video. He said he wanted me to make a video of myself, naked, washing a sink full of dishes. He wanted me to slowly get frustrated with all the dirty dishes as I was washing them. As I continued to wash, I was supposed to get more and more frustrated with them until I just couldn’t take it anymore. At that point, I would start smashing all of the dishes and glasses on the floor. Once the sink was empty, I would go into the cabinets and pantry and smash all of my other dishes. Once the dishes were all smashed I was supposed to move to the glasses, then to the pots and pans, then eventually getting to the pantry where I would destroy all of the food in it — flour, sugar, cans, and all. Needless to say, I had to pass on his request! Lol. Even if he was serious about the $500, my kitchen is worth more than that. And I can’t even imagine how miserable it would be to clean up that mess! Barefoot and naked, too!

Submitted by @mountain_momma_420

A guy requested I make a pee video. Nothing sexual on my part, just pop-a-squat in the most random places I could come up with. One was squatting off my ATV and another off a stack of tires. He loved it! He’s now one of my best and coolest fans.

Submitted by Kat Maeve

I have a guy who requests licking my armpits and sweat from my toes!

Submitted by @_rebecca_madrigal_

I don’t have an OnlyFans, but I ALWAYS get requests of all sorts. I was asked to send pictures of my feet, but the pictures had to be in a way as if the dude was looking up at me and I was about to stomp on him and kill him like an ant. He would pay extra if I was wearing giant, sharp heels.

Submitted anonymously

A guy from God-knows-where asked me to femme domme him and his fetish was scat. He made me make him eat shit from a bin, like genuine poo. He even videoed it at his workplace and him eating it and it is in his teeth. (three barf emojis). Never again! (smiley)

Submitted by @jessica_habit

A guy tipped me $50 when I told him I wanted him to suck a fart out of my butthole. Another guy asked me to squirt for him into a cup and send it in the mail. A VERY high CEO gave me $100 to degrade him by calling him names and telling him how worthless he was. And how his fetish of scat play was disgusting. And how he wanted me to take a shit in his mouth.

Submitted by @mizmilwaukee

I had someone ask if they could slaughter a goat at my feet on my wedding day. He then proceeded to send me a picture of a slaughtered goat and a dick pic. He continued to send me slaughtered goat pics in my Instagram DMs until I blocked him. I’ve also had someone request that I send a video tickling my armpits for a minute. They continue to buy only pictures with my arms over my head. I’ve also had a few pedal-pumping requests with distinct model cars. And one requested me to scream in fear.

Submitted by @dolly.jax

This one guy wanted me to rip open a pillow and use the “cotton strings.” Caressing them all over my body, and especially sticking them up my nose. So many requests for me peeing outside and drip/flick drying (not that uncommon of a fetish, but still specifically outside). He loves pictures of me showing my teeth, looking angry, and giving him the middle finger. He can’t get enough of them.

Submitted by @knockmyplantiesoff

I had someone ask me to send him used tampons and pads. He said he had a period fetish and loved the smell. I’ve had men eat me out while on my period (earning their red wings), but I’ve never had anyone say they liked the smell and had a fetish for it.

Submitted anonymously

I had a guy ask me to make silly faces for five minutes until he came. Like, stick my tongue out, pull my nose up like a pig. I also had a guy ask me to pretend to pick my nose.

Submitted by Vinnie Von Vintage

I have gotten many requests over the years. It’s one of my favorite parts of the job. The stranger the request the better; it keeps things interesting. One of my favorite/strangest requests, though, was for a video of me peeing through tights while laughing maniacally. 

Submitted by @headlikeah0le_666

Just wanted to share this one because it’s still so weird to me to this day: Someone wanted me to film myself standing topless and wobble around in place (in their words, “Like on Mortal Kombat, right before the fatal blow.”) and “faint.” They also liked my vascularity and muscles. 

Submitted by @bodyofduellona

Weirdest request: A guy asks me to make armpit videos. Just fingering my armpits and playing with them. I did the armpit fart one time and he loved it!

Submitted by @magnificent_marlaina

Submit your crazy OnlyFans stories HERE

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