Devi Hope – Hussy Butt Stuff Champ

By Jeff Alexander Hussy Butt Stuff winner Devi Hope continues embracing the positive power of modeling. Hailing from a small town in Indiana, Hope’s ambition is already allowing her to transcend the limitations any small town can impose on those that dare to dream. “I’ve been working to open myself up to endless possibilities. Modeling... Continue Reading →

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Butt Stuff Champ: Devi Hope!

UPDATE: Congratulations Devi Hope for winning Hussy Magazine's Hussy Butt Stuff Contest! Scroll down to view the voting results. Thank you to all of the women who took part in the contest and thank you to everyone who voted and promoted! ... Welcome to the FINAL ROUND of Hussy Magazine’s Hussy Butt Stuff Contest! FINALS polls... Continue Reading →

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Featured Model: Amber Sue McDonald

Model Amber McDonald’s career began as a total surprise. Self-described as ‘totally shy’ and ‘happy to be an introvert’ she really didn’t believe her husband’s unwavering support would ultimately earn her cover girl for two national publications.

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Get to Know Madisio

The beautiful model, Madisio, hailing from Melbourne, Australia, describes herself as a fun-loving woman who knows what she wants and gets what she wants. She also doesn't mind a Jack Daniels or two either! Hussy Magazine recently sat down with Madisio (and by that we mean we emailed back and forth) to chat about modeling.... Continue Reading →

Get to Know Violet Haze

Violet Haze, hailing from Southwest, Florida, is a newcomer on the modeling scene, and is already burning up the Internet with her Instagram and OnlyFans pages. Hussy Magazine sat down with Violet recently to see what makes her tick. We've shared that interview with you here, along with a scorching-hot Hussy Magazine photoset! Enjoy! Be... Continue Reading →

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